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Contemporary Pedorthics

"Brings pedorthics and other medical professionals onto the same playing field by providing education to all who seek to render the best in conservative foot care"

Contemporary Pedorthics

Contemporary Pedorthics
Editors: Wayne Decker CPed & Stephen Albert DPM

Publisher: Elton Wolf Publishing; 2003

330 pages



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Contemporary Pedorthics is a book that is unique to the pedorthic and medical fields! It finally brings pedorthics and other medical professionals onto the same playing field by providing education to all who seek to render the best in conservative foot care. The book is organized to help the reader understand pedorthics and to be used daily as a reference guide. Review the following features that make this book an incredible value! Also, read what others who have reviewed the book have to say about this incredible pedorthic text!

"We absolutely love your book!!!!! And we are not just saying that......it's an absolute godsend to have it all in one precise book in terms that have meaning to us as pedorthists! How did we ever do without it?" Pam and Rick C. C.Ped's,

Detailed table of contents of Contemporary Pedorthics

12 UNIQUE FEATURES of Contemporary Pedorthics

1. Simplified biomechanics of the foot and gait.

2. Graphics that include over 130 drawings, graphs, tables and photos.

3. Current references are sited allowing the reader to find more information on the subject.

4. Each pathology lists alternative names and the alternative names are found in the index. If the pedorthist receives a prescription with an unfamiliar condition it is easy to find the diagnosed condition and pedorthic modality for quick and easy reference.

5. A clear concise description of pathologies.

6. Subjective and objective findings - what will the patient tell you and what will you see.

7. Variants of the condition.

8. Mimicking conditions - conditions that are similar to but not the same.

9. Pedorthic applications describes some of the modalities that the pedorthist can use as well as what the physician could prescribe.

10. If the reader doesn't understand what the pedorthic modalities are, the pedorthic section describes each modality and a few construction tips.

11. Tricks of the trade dispersed throughout the pedorthic section make pedorthics easy and interesting.

12. The book has a glossary and is fully indexed.


"This is an excellent book for teaching pedorthics to student pedorthists as well as teaching the medical profession about pedorthics. I commend you; you have done an outstanding job with great detail. It should be required reading for all practicing pedorthists as well."
Carl Riecken C.Ped, OST

"A wonderful job! This will be a valuable resource for pedorthists as well as physicians."
Dennis Janisse C.Ped

Detailed table of contents of Contemporary Pedorthics

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Contemporary Pedorthics

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