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Toning Shoes


Toning shoes are shoes that are made deliberaty unstable to increase muscles activity and change the gait as well as posture.


Why do toning shoes help

They are claimed in the marketing hype to help because of the increased muscle activity give you an extra tone up, which is how the shoes got their name. Because of the rocker sole that they have, this changes the way you walk and the posture. As a result of these two changes, the marketers have made many claims as to the benefits of those changes.

Do toning shoes work

This is where the debate is. There is not a lot of science to back up the claims being made, as most of the benefits have been extrapolated from the potential benefits of the increase in muscle activity and the posture change. The extent of the claimed benefits were extensive and have resulted in some legal challenges for some of the companies involved.

Should you try toning shoes

They certainly do help some people and not others. At the moment it is largely trial and error to see if they help in any particular individual. They might be more useful in some conditions such as hallux rigidus.

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Toning Shoes

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