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The ePodiatry.com newsletter is a weekly update of all the new and relevant information published in a whole range of sources, including podiatric, medical and health care journals as well as web sites. What better way is there to keep up-to-date? The newsletter is sent at the beginning of each week via email.
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We welcome feedback on the newsletter and the web site. If any links are not working or you find links to sites that we can use please contact us.

Contact ePodiatry here: epodiatry@epodiatry.com

If you have any colleagues that you think would be interested in making use of the resources on the site or receiving the newsletter, please let them know or email us.

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The newsletter is sent in HTML format and is only readable by those using AOL version 7 or above. If you are using a version below this, please let us know. More information from AOL...

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If you subscribe and do not receive a newsletter at the beginning of the following week, it may pay to subscribe again. Approximately 2.5% of those who sign up do so with bad addresses that contain an error.

How to make sure you get the newsletter:

With increased frequency, ISPs are using filtering systems to try and keep junk mail (spam) out of inboxes. Sometimes, they accidentally filter the e-mail that you want to receive. To make sure that ePodiatry Newsletter are not filtered into your "junk" or "bulk" folder, please add ePodiatryto your list of trusted senders. SEO

Here's how:

Hotmail: Place the domain epodiatry.com in your safe list. The safe list can be accessed via the "Options" link next to the main menu tabs.

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Other providers: If one of the newsletters is being filtered, try adding epodiatry.com or the newsletter's 'From' or 'Reply-to' address to your address book or contact list. If this option is not available, try moving the message to your 'inbox' or forwarding the message to yourself.


Viruses are a potentially a big problem for all those who use the internet. ePodiatry takes all precautions to prevent the spread of viruses and worms. We use Norton Antivirus from Symantec. This is updated daily. All incoming and outgoing emails are scanned by Norton. In addition to this, ePodiatry does a weekly House Call web-based virus check of its systems by Trend Micro.


If you do longer wish to receive the newsletter, unsubscribing is easy, just email us at: epodiatry@epodiatry.com

Reading .PDF files:

A number of indexed files in Educational Resources and linked to from the newsletter are in .PDF format. To read these you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. To get this, click on the Adobe link below:


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