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Introduction to Podopediatrics

"Concise but comprehensive introduction to the effective care of foot problems in children"

Introduction to Podopediatrics

Introduction to Podopaediatrics
Editors: Peter Thomson, Russell G. Volpe, Justin Wernick

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone; 2nd edition (July 13, 2001); 408 pages

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Introduction to Podopaediatrics is a concise but comprehensive introduction to the effective care of foot problems in children. Introduction to Podopediatrics including coverage of the general specialist and medical conditions which may influence the course of the podiatric treatment. Introduction to Podopaediatrics is written by a multidisciplinary international team of contributors under the editorship of a UK practitioner and an American educator and practitioner - both podiatrists.

Table of Contents for Introduction to Podopediatrics:

Section 1
  Psychological considerations in the child patient
  Postnatal growth and development
  History-taking and the physical examination
  Paediatric gait
Section 2
  General medicine and diabetes
  Rheumatic diseases of childhood and adolescence
  Paediatric neurology
  Cutaneous diseases in childhood
Section 3
  Radiological examination of the child's foot
  Orthopaedic conditions affecting the foot in childhood
  Torsional and frontal plane conditions of the lower extremity
  Developmental flatfoot.
Section 4
  Physical therapy
  Serial casting
  Orthotic management
  Sports injuries.
  Appendix 1 Special investigations
  Appendix 2 Examples of recognised human teratogens
  Appendix 3 Autosomal dominant disorders
  Appendix 4 Autosomal recessive disorders
  Appendix 5 X-linked disorders
  Appendix 6 Developmental milestones

Features Introduction to Podopaediatrics:

* Little else on this topic is available
* Written by a leading transatlantic team of experts
* Addresses a core part of the podiatrists case load
* Comprehensive and up-to-date
* Written at a level appealing to both students and practitioners
* Concise and well-illustrated

Book review Introduction to Podopediatrics:

"Introduction to Podopaediatrics is intended primarily as a basic textbook on pediatric foot and ankle disorders. Two early chapters deal with, respectively, the psychological aspects of treating the child patient and how to take a complete history and perform a comprehensive physical examination. These are helpful introductions for those learning to treat pediatric foot and ankle conditions in children.
The book deals with a wide variety of topics related to the evaluation and conservative management of congenital, developmental, and traumatic conditions affecting newborns to adolescents. However, there is minimal discussion of surgical care, and the reader should consult another text such as the Comprehensive Textbook of Foot Surgery, edited by E. Dalton McGlamry, DPM, for greater procedural detail.
The material dealing with general medical conditions is well developed. A chapter on pediatric neurology provides a particularly thorough review of the development of the central nervous system as well as several specific clinical conditions including spina bifida, cerebral palsy, and muscular dystrophy. Every lower-extremity clinician who treats pediatric patients should have a clear understanding of these conditions so that they can be managed properly. A chapter on orthopedic conditions has a good description of some of the more "serious" conditions, such as congenital pes valgus and talipes equinovarus. The chapters that deal with flatfoot deformity and foot orthotic management, while informative, contain some duplication.
The book is divided into four sections, with a total of 16 chapters. There are also helpful appendices dealing with genetic disorders and developmental milestones. Photographs are plentiful throughout the text; this is particularly beneficial in the chapters on radiology and serial casting. This textbook is generally well suited for students and practitioners who need a basic review of pediatric foot and ankle disorders."

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Introduction to Podopaediatrics

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