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Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook

"Beautifully illustrated, full-color clinical manual provides convenient, portable access to comprehensive guidance in physical examination"

Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook

Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook
Editors: Henry M. Seidel, Jane W. Ball, Joyce E. Dains, G. William Benedict, Caroline Hastings

Publisher: Mosby-Year Book; 3rd edition (2003); 344 pages

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Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook is a concise, pocket-sized guide to physical examination and companion to Seidel et al, Mosby's Guide to Physical Examination, 5th Edition, this beautifully illustrated, full-color clinical manual provides convenient, portable access to comprehensive guidance in physical examination. A dynamic author team gives the Handbook an uncommonly strong multidisciplinary perspective, emphasis on differential diagnosis, and expert coverage of both pediatrics and adult health. Color-coded type is used to make physical examination steps, expected findings, and unexpected findings easy to spot quickly. And now, a new appendix puts a variety of guides to special patient histories at readers' fingertips.

Key Features of Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook:

* Each chapter begins with a concise, clearly identified equipment list for physical examination.
* Easy-to-follow, color-coded tables summarize the core physical examination content in each chapter.

* "Examination Techniques" appear in red, "Expected Findings" appear in blue, and "Unexpected Findings" appear in green.
* "Pediatric Variations" tables, also color coded for easy reference, highlight differences in younger patients' disease presentations.
* "Sample Documentation" sections at the end of each chapter provide straightforward examples of good documentation practice for physical examination.
* A removable, pocket-sized quick-reference card inside the back cover presents a comprehensive at-a-glance reminder list of key elements of physical examination for every body system and region. One side covers "Physical Examination—Objective Data," and the other covers "History—Subjective Data."
* Pages for Clinical and Reference Notes are interspersed throughout the book for personal clinical note-taking.
* Handy, two-column "Aids to Differential Diagnosis" tables summarize abnormalities and their distinguishing characteristics.

Table of Contents for Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook:

1. The History 2. Mental Status 3. Nutrition and Growth and Measurement 4. Skin, Hair, and Nails 5. Lymphatic System 6. Head and Neck 7. Eyes 8. Ears, Nose, and Throat 9. Chest and Lungs 10. Heart NEW! 11. Blood Vessels 12. Breasts and Axillae 13. Abdomen 14. Female Genitalia 15. Male Genitalia 16. Anus, Rectum, and Prostate 17. Musculoskeletal System 18. Neurologic System 19. Head-to-Toe Examination: Adult 20. The Healthy Female Evaluation 21. Age-Specific Examination: Infants, Children, and Adolescents 22. Reporting and Recording NEW! Appendix. Quick Reference to Special Histories CAGE Questionnaire TACE Questionnaire RAFFT Questionnaire Domestic Violence Questionnaire BATHE Framework HOPE Framework ETHNIC Framework SPIRIT Framework

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"Beautifully illustrated, full-color clinical manual provides convenient, portable access to comprehensive guidance in physical examination"

Mosby's Physical Examination Handbook

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