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Textbook of Running Medicine

"In-depth clinical coverage of the medical needs of runners"

Textbook of Running Medicine

Textbook of Running Medicine
Editors: Francis O'Connor, Robert Wilder

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional; 2001; 696 pages

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The Textbook of Running Medicine is the first book to offer in-depth clinical coverage of the medical needs of runners. This authoritative and expert-authored medical resource features:
*The most extensive source of running-injury management expertise to be found anywhere
*Details the comprehensive evaluation of the injured runner
*In-depth coverage of injuries most often incurred in specific types of running such as sprinting and marathoning
*Rehabilitation guidelines
*Surgical considerations
*Coverage of running-injury-related medical problems
*Valued strategies to help patients continue running and training during recovery
*Injury-prevention regimens and tips that can also help trainers, coaches, and runners themselves
*More than 150 exceptionally informative line drawings and photographs

Readers comment about Textbook of Running Medicine:

"This is a great book, not only for its in depth coverage and clinical pearls about running medicine, but even more so for its broader applicability to the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal and sports medicine....a great addition to any physician's book shelf."

"The Textbook of running medicine is exactly what the title suggests. With 55 chapters it is probably the most comprehensive source of running injury management information available. Detailed coverage of the more common injuries found in runners as well as an in depth look at a number of medical problems runners often face. There are chapters on running and osteoarthritis, overtraining, nutrition and much more. The book contains sections covering specialist topics such as the child runner, the female runner, the older runner and the disabled runner. It looks at all types of therapy and how they are applied as well as a great chapter on the surgical options of many injuries."

Read a book review of the Textbook of Running Medicine from Medscape

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"In-depth clinical coverage of the medical needs of runners"

Textbook of Running Medicine

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