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The Unstable Ankle

"Definitive text that pulls together up-to-date research on medical issues related to the unstable ankle"

The Unstable Ankle

The Unstable Ankle
Editors: Meir Nyska, Gideon Mann

Publisher: Human Kinetics Pub; 2002; 336 pages

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The Unstable Ankle is a definitive text that pulls together up-to-date research on medical issues related to the unstable ankle and features contributions from an array of leading physicians and rehabilitation professionals. Edited by two orthopedic surgeons who are internationally respected specialists on sport-related and ankle injuries, The Unstable Ankle may be the most comprehensive book available on the subject.

Editors Nyska and Mann present the latest knowledge on ankle instability with emphasis on conservative treatment and preventive measures. The book’s 35 chapters provide valuable information on the causes of ankle instability, evaluation and diagnostic procedures, surgical interventions, rehabilitation, and prevention.

Complete and practical, The Unstable Ankle addresses ankle instability problems in a variety of patient populations, including children and adolescents. Special consideration is given to at-risk individuals in selected sports and occupations.

Physicians and other medical team members who work with ankle problems will gain a better understanding of when conservative treatment is appropriate—which is most of the time—and how to rehabilitate at the lowest possible physical, emotional, and financial cost to patients. When surgical intervention is required, this text will guide professionals on the appropriate application of techniques.

The book thoroughly discusses the role of physical therapists and other allied health professionals in treatment of ankle instability. Appropriate exercises for different degrees of instability with different etiologies are described in detail.

This important text on The Unstable Ankle includes the following features:
* Three sections dealing with the structure and function of the ankle, prevention of injury, acute ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability, staging, treatment, and evaluation
* Liberal illustrations—236 in total—that eliminate ambiguity and add to the clarity of the information presented
* Step-by-step procedural descriptions of four operations and extensive discussion of arthroscopic reconstruction

This authoritative text will build the confidence of the entire medical team and help members work together to diagnose, treat, and prevent ankle instability with the patient’s best interests in mind.

Table of Contents for the Unstable Ankle:

Chapter 1. Epidemiology of Ankle Sprain
Chapter 2. Anatomy of the Ankle and Talar Joints
Chapter 3. Biomechanics of the Ankle Joint Complex and the Shoe
Chapter 4. Biomechanics of Ligaments in Ankle Instability
Chapter 5. Proprioception of the Ankle Joint
Chapter 6. Mechanics of Injury, Clinical Presentation, and Staging
Chapter 7. Scoring Systems Evaluating Ankle Function
Chapter 8. Diagnostic Aspects of Chronic Ankle Instability
Chapter 9. Radiographic Assessment of Acute Ankle and Hindfoot Injuries
Chapter 10. Imaging of Ankle Injuries
Chapter 11. The Role of Arthroscopy in Chronic Ankle Sprains
Chapter 12. Chronic Ankle Instability, Mechanical and Functional
Chapter 13. Osteochondral Fractures of the Talus
Chapter 14. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome
Chapter 15. Tendon Injuries in Acute Ankle Sprain
Chapter 16. Posterior Ankle Impingement
Chapter 17. Fractures of the Fifth Metatarsal
Chapter 18. The Subtalar Joint
Chapter 19. Midfoot Sprain
Chapter 20. Management of Acute Ankle Sprain
Chapter 21. Rehabilitation of the Acute Lateral Ankle Sprain
Chapter 22. Proprioceptive Retraining for Chronic Ankle Instability
Chapter 23. Return to Sport After Delayed Reconstruction for Ankle Instability
Chapter 24. Functional Testing As the Basis for Ankle Rehabilitation Progression
Chapter 25. Overview of the Operative Treatment of Ankle Instability
Chapter 26. Watson Jones Operation for Ankle Instability
Chapter 27. Lateral Chronic Instability of the Ankle: Christman-Snook Technique
Chapter 28. Ankle Ligament Reconstruction: The Broström Procedure
Chapter 29. The Williams Procedure
Chapter 30. Arthroscopic Reconstruction of the Unstable Ankle
Chapter 31. Arthroscopy and the Injured Ankle
Chapter 32. Ankle Sprain in Children and Adolescents
Chapter 33. Prevention of Acute Ankle Ligament Sprains in Sport
Chapter 34. Preventing Ankle Injuries in Parachuting
Chapter 35. Preventive Effects of an On-Shoe Brace on Ankle Sprains in Infantry

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"Definitive text that pulls together up-to-date research on medical issues related to the unstable ankle"

The Unstable Ankle


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