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Basic & Clinical Biostatistics

"Ideal introduction to the study of statistics applied to medicine and other health-related fields"

Basic and Clinical Biostatistics

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics
Editors: Beth K. Dawson

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange; 3rd edition (2000); 399 pages

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In Basic & Clinical Biostatistics is absolutely everything medical students need to know about basic and clinical biostatistics and quantitative methods as applied to medicine, clinical practice, and research. Case study approach introduces problems at the beginning of each chapter, to clarify concepts. Includes CD-ROM of data sets.

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics is an ideal introduction to the study of statistics applied to medicine and other health-related fields:

*Statistical information and methods showcased in clinical, medical, and research applications
*Study design and interpretation of results of research emphasized
*Updated discussion of evidence-based medicine, determining sample sizes, studies with repeated measures over time, and logistic regression and Cox proportional hazards model
*Presenting problems, drawn from studies published in the medical literature that illustrate various statistical methods, included
*CD-ROM with statistical software and data sets derived from presenting problems highlighted in the book
*End-of-chapter exercises
*Multiple-choice final practice exam

In Basic and Clinical Biostatistics the essentials of biostatistics and quantitative methods in medicine, clinical practice, and research are covered:

*first choice of students, educators, and practitioners
*A thorough, meaningful, and interesting presentation of biostatistics
*Provides the resources to help students become informed users and consumers of biostatistics

Contents of Basic & Clinical Biostatistics:

Introduction to Medical Research.
Study Designs in Medical Research.
Summarizing Data & Presenting Data in Tables & Graphs.
Probability & Related Topics for Making Inferences About Data.
Research Questions About One Group
Research Questions About Two Separate or Independent Groups.
Research Questions About Means in Three or More Groups.
Research Questions About Relationships Among Variables.
Analyzing Research Questions About Survival.
Statistical Methods for Multiple Variables.
Methods of Evidence-Based Medicine.
Clinical Decision Making.
Reading the Medical Literature.


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"Ideal introduction to the study of statistics applied to medicine and other health-related fields"

Basic & Clinical Biostatistics

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