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Starting a Medical Practice

"Addresses the nuts and bolts of establishing a medical practice as a business"

Starting a Medical Practice

Starting a Medical Practice

Publisher: American Medical Association; 2nd edition (2003); 150 pages

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Starting a Medical Practice - 2nd Edition addresses the nuts and bolts of establishing a medical practice as a business in the world of managed care. While there is much to learn, there has likely been to little to prepare you for this part of your experience. The following questions are but a few of those that will arise as you leave your residency and enter practice.

What corporate structure is best?
Where should the practice be located?
What equipment is needed?
Where do you purchase the equipment?
What medical and business supplies are needed?
How much will this cost?
Where do I start?

The nature of medical practice is constantly changing - and will be in the foreseeable future. This book provides guidelines on the aspects of business to consider when entering practice. It will guide you in critical decisions involving location and type of practice versus practicing as an employee of a medical institution. It will provide valuable advice on the handling of personnel, patients and accounts.

What information can the reader find in Starting a Medical Practice?

The reader will find practical and specific information for use in the day-to-day operation of the medical practice, including:

* How to determine an area's need for a physician
* A time line for starting to practice medicine
* Guidelines for assessing the type of medical practice that is right for you
* Tax and licensing information
* Office accounting procedures
* Managing personnel
* Keeping proper medical records
* Developing policies and procedures
* Billing and collections
* Risk management
* Marketing strategies

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"Addresses the nuts and bolts of establishing a medical practice as a business"

Starting a Medical Practice

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