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Foot and Ankle Radiology

"Introduces the scope of diagnostic radiology applicable to podiatric medicine, including normal and pathological presentations of the foot and ankle"

Foot and Ankle Radiology

Foot and Ankle Radiology
Editors: Robert A. Christman

Publisher: Churchill Livingstone; January 2003; 672 pages

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Foot and Ankle Radiology introduces the scope of diagnostic radiology applicable to podiatric medicine, including normal and pathological presentations of the foot and ankle. It covers the principles of radiographic interpretation, normal and variant radiographic anatomy and development of the foot and ankle, systematic evaluation of bone and joint disorders, as well as bone and joint abnormalities. Foot and Ankle Radiology is an excellent guide to the radiographic presentations of pathologic conditions, this book acquaints the reader with specific radiologic pathology of the foot and ankle and offers a solid understanding of general diagnostic radiology and pathologic correlation. It also demonstrates how to systematically analyze a radiograph and identify conditions that are intrinsic to the foot or that represent manifestations of extrinsic disease.

Features of Foot and Ankle Radiology:

* Approximately 1,000 quality radiographs and line drawings illustrate concepts and disorders.
* Normal and variant radiographic anatomy is discussed and illustrated, providing examples of both normal and variant radiographs for effective comparison.
* A specific section on bone and joint disorders presents specific examples of these types of disorders.

Contents of Foot and Ankle Radiology:

Section 1 Plain Film Radiography
   1. Radiation Physics, Biology and Safety
   2. Radiography Equipment Considerations and Accessories
   3. Positioning Techniques & Terminology
   4. Exposure Techniques and Special Considerations
   5. Film Quality
Section 2 Radiographic Anatomy
   6. Principles of Radiographic Interpretation
   7. The Normal Foot and Ankle
   8. Normal Variants and Anomalies
   9. Normal Development
   10. Developmental Variants
Section 3 Systematic Approach to Bone and Joint Abnormalities
   11. View Selection for the Radiographic Study
   12. Systematic Evaluation of Bone and Joint Abnormalities
Section 4 Radiographic Biomechanical Analysis
   13. Principles of Biomechanical Radiographic Analysis of the Foot
   14. Foot Segmental Relationships and Bone Morphology
   15. Pediatric Abnormalities of Position
Section 5 Special Imaging Procedures
   16. Overview of Special Imaging Studies
    17. MRI/Cross-Sectional Imaging
Section 6 Bone & Joint Disorders
   18. Fractures & Related Conditions: Fundamentals
   19. Classification of Fractures & Dislocations
   20. Osteonecrosis and Osteochondrosis
   21. Bone Infection
   22. Joint Disease
   23. Bone Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions
   24. Miscellaneous Disorders

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Foot and Ankle Radiology

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