Newsletter 11 February 2007

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Latest Research and Articles:

Are in-shoe pressure characteristics in symptomatic idiopathic pes cavus related to the location of foot pain? Abstract (Gait & Posture)

Are joints affected by gout also affected by osteoarthritis? Abstract (Ann Rheum Dis)

Correlations between subjective treatment responses and plantar pressure parameters of metatarsal pad treatment in metatarsalgia patients: a prospective study. Full text (BMC Musculoskelet Disord)

Gait-Related Risk Factors for Exercise-Related Lower-Leg Pain during Shod Running. Abstract
(Med Sci Sports Exerc)

Long distance running increases plantar pressures beneath the metatarsal heads A barefoot walking investigation of 200 marathon runners. Abstract (Gait Posture)

Facilitation of the soleus stretch reflex induced by electrical excitation of plantar cutaneous afferents located around the heel. Abstract (Neurosci Lett)

Beneficial effects of dalteparin on haemostatic function and local tissue oxygenation in patients with diabetes, severe vascular disease and foot ulcers. Abstract (Thromb Res)

Preventing and treating lower extremity stress reactions and fractures in adults. Full text (J Athl Train)

Microchambers and Macrochambers in Heel Pads: Are They Functionally Different? Abstract (J Appl Physiol)

Effect of textured foot orthotics on static and dynamic postural stability in middle-aged females. Abstract (Gait Posture)

Probe-to-Bone Test for Diagnosing Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis: Reliable or relic? Abstract (Diabetes Care)

New Drugs. More (eDrugInfo)

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